Coffee & Community: Meet our Favorite Coffee Roaster, Dale Inghram

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We love keeping it local, and one of our favorite parts about our new restaurant concept is our partnerships with other businesses in the community of El Segundo.  Our city has some pretty incredible artisan craftsman with whom we have been privileged to partner, who enhance the experience for our diners. From Smoky Hollow Baking Company creating custom Mason jar sweets for our dessert menu to Natural Simplicity providing us with gorgeous floral arrangements each week to delicious coffee beans for our espresso and coffee offerings provided by the new Smoky Hollow Roasters.

We are thrilled to introduce you to each of these partners in our new blog series featuring our neighborhood vendors and friends. We’re kicking it off with Dale Inghram, El Segundo resident, dad, Emmy-award winning voiceover artist, and the owner of the Blue Butterfly Café and Smoky Hollow Roasters, which is celebrating its Grand Opening this month at 118 Sierra Street, in the heart of Smoky Hollow.

 Hailing from Chicago, Dale and his wife Toni have fallen in love with the El Segundo community.  Regulars of the old Blue Butterfly Café, Dale and Toni would visit the restaurant with their two young boys.  The iconic red brick reminded them of Chicago, they loved the family vibe and dreamed of one day owning the place, to extend their love of entertaining friends and family and translate that into serving the greater community that they love.  As the official voice for the Bravo channel and having voiced a whopping thirty-two Superbowl commercials for Bud Light under his belt, Dale’s voiceover career was booming.  So five years ago, when the opportunity arose to purchase the restaurant, they jumped.  They had no restaurant experience, just a dream and a gut feeling about where the city of El Segundo might be heading.  Dale’s agent thought he was crazy.  But Dale explained his dream and that, “Some places just have magic.” And he was right.


“Some places just have magic.” – Dale Inghram

 With a vision that would keep the integrity of the family café vibe in mind, the team went about tackling a remodel.  They knew they wanted a place where people could hang out with friends, could take coffee meetings, where families could push a double stroller through comfortably (yep, they measured for that specifically when designing the space) and where good food would woo the masses of all ages, with excellent coffee at the heart of it all.  And so they have.  Creating a restaurant family where people come first, profits come later, the Blue Butterfly Café is known for its welcoming employees and affordable prices, putting forth a culture with a passion for its customers.  And a lot of theater majors, apparently, from Dale himself to manager Kevin, who is always ready with a smile and a solution, even when the line is out the door, because the show must always go on.

Nearly five years later, coffee is still on the brain and the caliber of coffee at Blue Butterfly has been so celebrated, that bringing it to the masses on a larger scale has now become another focus.  While Dale is still a highly-demanded voiceover performer in Hollywood, he’s actively overseeing the day to day operations of the restaurant and you’ll often find him in their new space, the Smoky Hollow Roasters.  Coffee, to Dale, is held in high regard.  Different people may gravitate toward different flavors, and in Dale’s perfect world, the taste of the coffee, like a fine wine, is something to be enjoyed purely, without sugar or cream or any flavors to distract from the taste of the pure, roasted bean.  With a future vision of a subscription coffee club in the pipeline, Smoky Hollow Roasters has a global focus, making excellent coffee accessible to the masses, that is tasty and affordable. 

And you can visit the new Smoky Hollow Roasters location to see - and taste - where the magic happens.  With a modern industrial art studio vibe and the aroma of coffee in the air, Smoky Hollow Roasters is a cozy spot to taste the different offerings that they are roasting, relax with a book on the leather couches as you enjoy the fresh baked offerings or a turmeric shot, and take some beans home with you when you go.  We know we will.

All coffee orders at Deluca Pasta come from beans that have been roasted at Smoky Hollow Roasters, from our fresh simple coffee to a café latte. 

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Julia Ramirez